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(1321) More than one Canada, more than one pandemic

Covid-19 has highlighted a number of things about Canadian socio-economic life. Several months into it all and the data is emerging steadily that ye olde before times, were, you know, maybe not that great for a lot of us.

One country: two pandemics. What Covid-19 reveals about Canadian inequality. We’re learning some uncomfortable facts about how we share the risks. Will we remember them?

(750) Re-framing growth and decline

stagnationMaybe issues of economic policy and social standards need to be re-framed in North America before we’ll understand where we are, let alone figure out how to bring people up.  This item reflects on what Japan may have to show the west in regards to slow growth and what may be the beginning of the end of the industrial project.  It is written from a privileged-yet-morally-conscious standpoint and asks us to consider what “bad times” and economic growth are really all about.

Turning Japanese: coping with stasis, how the “sick man of Asia” might be a model to all of us