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(743) Going BIG

light-bulb-14Frequently these days we think we should have just started up a Basic Income Guarantee blog.  Talk about a good idea: there’s almost nothing a BIG wouldn’t take the edge off.  Here are two BIG-related items with a tech slant.  Decoupling work and income might just be to this century what democracy was in previous ones.

Techdirt podcast episode 16: rethinking work, income & leisure: Albert Wenger on basic income 33:53

Ours to master. Our challenge is to see in technology both today’s instruments of employer control and the preconditions for a post-scarcity society


(467) Podcast: the age of precarious

CBC RadioCBC radio program Ontario Today invited McMaster University professor Wayne Lewchuck to the studio at the end of January to talk about precarious employment here.  The long, steady growth of this trend has encouraged the province to pass laws offering some protection to those working precariously.  Is it enough?

Living on part-time, temporary work 50:03
This is a strong podcast with contributions from listeners and Ontario’s Minister of Labour as well as Professor Lewchuk.

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives blog grades Canada F for the growth and scale of precarious employment here compared to other developed countries.
Grading Canada’s Economic Recovery: more employment in Canada is precarious

A York University/Torstar survey shows a majority of Canadians recognize most of the components of precarious employment and that they make Canada a less fair place.
Precarious employment in a ‘less fair’ society troubles Canadians: study
Metro (Toronto edition)

see also: (395) Ontario improves protection for temp workers, interns

image: CBC Radio logo 1940 – 1958 via Wikimedia Commons