(135) Television documentary this Sunday

Readers with access to American network NBC may like to set aside some time tomorrow night for a special episode of the program Dateline called America Now: Lost in the Suburbs.  Newsguy Lester Holt looks into long term unemployment, food banks and the recent confirmation (Federal Reserve Bulletin for June 2012) that something like 40% of the wealth of the US middle class has simply evaporated.  Even if a lot of that wealth was in the form of bubble money and attached to specualtive real estate in a Ponzi economy this must surely represent permanent demographic change, a permanent state of damage. What a spectacle it is, to see “ordinary” middle class American families go from employment and reasonable fulfilment of their ambitions to poverty. 2008 was a long time ago for some of the people interviewed.  Holt focussed on Boulder, Colorado, a community where the majority of people thought things were really quite good, that they were getting a deal as square as their state.  Now it’s all about food banks and scraping by after your savings and unemployment insurance have run out.   

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