(137) Murder, suicide & financial ruin

Some sort of hideous thing.
Suburban poverty can be a monster
with many limbs.  American children experiencing foreclosure are more vulnerable to social problems, for example.  The suicides, depression, domestic violence and lost human potential accompanying the cratering of the economy in the United States since 2008 is truly mind boggling.  Calling it class warfare hardly seems unreasonable when you look at everything from the so-called liar loans to the bailouts and the general behaviour of the super elites.  Here, Mark Ames describes a situation of class warfare getting hotter and costing lives.  He even relates the hypocrisy, fraud and chicanery in the American economy to the war in Afghanistan.  Ames is no friend to the establishment or the status quo.  At this link he is talking on RT’s BigPicture.  Things do get righteous at a couple of points but the topics at hand are hardly a joke.  Ames connects the massacre of 17 Afghanis by an American army sergeant directly to difficult, immoral times in America and compares that sad event to the workplace and school shootings that became commonplace beginning in the Reagan era and about which he has written a book.

Mark Ames on RT YouTube 10:51