(183) Qatar to the rescue

The super elites of France, the EU’s second-largest economy, may have found a way to rest a little easier.  Money!  Rivers of it!  The sovereign wealth fund of Qatar, the gas-rich and Sharia-ruled Persian Gulf state, is set to make major investments in France’s troubled suburban areas.  The banlieue frequently erupt in rioting, are chronically short of jobs and can’t be said to represent the best of French life in really any way at all.  Politicians to the right and the left seem to find reason to question to this new potentiality as many, not all but many, residents of the banlieue are muslim.  Certainly there are many problems that can be solved by throwing money at them.  Keeping people well housed and educated and healthy, for example.  Economic opportunity might be a little trickier but if we are talking about the very character of a country perhaps this nuee ardente of Qatari cash will be just what the docteur ordered!

…who is your Daddy now, France?

Qatar pours cash into France’s troubled suburbs France 24