(191) Boomer bomb

Hating and resenting boomers is fair game for many these days.  Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem much of a way around the coming fractiousness.  Barring the immediate discovery of a way to run industrial economies on tap water and turn sand into money, that is.  Going forward there will have to be some kind of reckoning between the aging of this large generation and its continued high expectations and everyone else, those who will have to carry much of the operating costs generated by those expectations, …or not.
The generation that fostered and enacted neoconservatism, wanted tax cuts just as its own earning power was peaking now requires pensions and medical care, shuttle buses to the shopping mall and a coupon for ten percent off a calzone.  …the word “payback” comes to mind.

Sponging boomers: the economic legacy left by the baby-boomers is leading to a battle between the generations Economist