(195) North New Jersey

Princeton UIn north New Jersey we find more archetypal descriptions of people fallen out of their middle class working lives.  “How will they climb back into them?” seems to be turning into “will they ever climb back into them?” Past performance in terms of income, employment, acquisition of assets and debts within the management of one’s personal finances and the dimensions of personal character doesn’t seem to hold an answer for many.

“Unlike the long-term poor, they had those nest eggs to fall back upon in hard times. But now, as the months without work have stretched into years, those accounts have been depleted and even extended unemployment benefits are running out. With job prospects still wispy, increasing numbers of them are reaching out for help,” says Harvey Lipman in this piece from The Record 

Hardship grows amid wealth: residents face unexpected need in communities across North Jersey

This piece contains a number of useful links regarding poverty in New Jersey including a searchable database of six indicators for Passaic and Bergen counties.

image: Princeton University from Wikimedia Commons