(201) Sandy and the food stamps

…and so we see that Sandy has affected New York City in ways differentiated by neighbourhood and class structure.  Firstly, without electricity people cannot access benefit programs delivered via swipe cards.  That puts bottled water, batteries, candles, food out of reach of many of the poor experiencing this emergency.

Without Electricity, New Yorkers on Food Stamps Can’t Pay for Food

Word all over the Internet seems to be that working class suburbs have borne the brunt of the storm’s physical damage.  AlterNet just posted a three page article gathering impressions from  Staten Island, Red Hook, Breezy Point and Long Beach.  Emergency aid and the restoration of services are simply not happening there as fast as they reasonably ought to be.  It looks like a series of cold, mini-Katrinas edges New York City today.

“Please Don’t Leave Us!” NYers Desperate for Help — Latest Sandy Updates, What You Can Do  AlterNet

photo: John Herve Barbie via Wikimedia Commons