(202) Menno wouldn’t have liked this nonsense one bit

Going back a couple of years for this posting.  All the way to 2008 for a well written piece on suburban poverty from the online edition of a monthly magazine for Mennonites in the US.  We like diversity of source on this blog, lest we be accused of bias or making stuff up.  There are plenty of people walking around who think that poverty is like the weather, it just kind of happens, or that think it is an inevitable product of an economic system that just delivers so many other good things we dare not tamper with it.  The founder of the Mennonite faith would have something to say to them, no doubt.  He lived in an era that was even worse than ours for many working people.

Poverty in the suburbs: God’s call to reach out to the poor may lead us to our neighbors The Mennonite

image: Wikimedia Commons