(208) Moscow

This piece from NewGeography.com describes Moscow’s evolving suburbanization.  It seems that where the space and other resources exist the suburbs will be built.  There is no automatic participation in a particularly European model of urbanization taking place for Moscow, one based on high densities and reliance on public transit.  Moscow stands in contrast to many western cities seeking to move beyond suburbanization or prepare for a world in which it may become unsustainable.  Muscovites in a position to choose are aspiring to a manner of living first propagated in North America, one based on private houses and automobility.  To some extent this evolution is seen as positive, nobody wants a return to the old Soviet Moscow or the rough, uncertain decade after the fall of Communism.  Spending on roads and other infrastructure and a positive picture for consumers are now assumed to be quite normal in Moscow.  The city has gained population and economic power at a time when much of Russia remains mired in difficulty and decline.  It seems a new Moscow is continuing to be built, a sprawling, suburbanized one.  We’ll see how it all works out.

The Evolving Urban Form: Moscow’s Auto-Oriented Expansion