(224) Really unreal real estate in Detroit

Detroit has developed a difficult persona during its decades of decline.  Vehement statements about what has gone wrong abound.  Tantalizing hints of a creative mini renaissance of artists and others colonizing abandoned swathes of the fallen giant are also easy to find.  The truth of abandonment, the enormity of dysfunction in greater Detroit has been the subject of much enquiry by documentarians and photographers as well as academics and journalists.  What to make of Detroit in other places is a question, too.  What are the opportunities on the ground there?  Are there any?  Is Detroit is producing the new conditions that other places will soon encounter as typical or is it an extreme example of industrial decline?  The language in this piece is enjoyable, brainy and hopeful.  Even if you don’t agree that a few artsy people represent a renaissance for Detroit the condition of that city is worthy of detailed consideration.

The Unreal Estate Guide to Detroit  designobserver.com

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photo: via Wikimedia Commons