(229) Boomburbia

According to this piece on AlterNet, ten thousand Amerian Baby Boomers a day are retiring!  Ten thousand!  While nearly all of us are aware that North America, Japan and Europe have aging populations, and that there will be economic knocks to go along with that, the true reality of social change this kind of trend represents has scarcely begun to register.  If suburban poverty represents another ship emerging from the fog around the same time… well, you see what we are asking about.  The movement of the Baby Boomers through every phase of life had enormous socio-economic effect.  Now they are fully initiating demands that social services, medical care, commercial activity, and many of the other general undertakings of society be adapted to their concerns again, this time as the older generation.  Modern, post-war suburbia was built with enormous societal subsidy, in part to cater to the needs of this vast demographic bulge.  Doesn’t look like that manner of living, that kind of community design, is going to be the best place for that bulge to age out.  Other generations are finding the suburbs unsustainable for this reason as well as reasons of their own.

Why We Need to Get Boomers to Move to the Cities

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photo: downtowngal via Wikimedia Commons