(233) Holiday food bankin’

A little tip to maybe keep in mind when donating to a local food bank this holiday season.  Try and include pop-top cans.  You see, a lot of food bank recipients are precariously housed, you could say they are semi-homeless, experiencing  a mixture of indoor and outdoor living that is changeable, unpredictable.  Often this means problematic access to kitchens.  A pop-top opens without a can opener and is available to be eaten, even heated, in an improvised location if necessary.  Another little thing is not to tie a murderously tight knot in the handles of the plastic bags donated food is often put in.  This gets done all the time at food banks to keep the food in the bag, which is a good intention.  Unfortunately, it can mean the bag is ruined when it gets cut open.  The bag is then wasted and it can’t be used again when the food is distributed.  Cheers!