(237) Christmas & a tree or two grows in Detroit

Best wishes to our readers, whoever and wherever you are may your God go with you this coming year.  We have the feeling 2013 will be a doozy.  Never has the world been so plain-ass crazy, and yet, never has it been more …interesting!  Use your heads and be careful, people.

In the spirit of the season we ordered the Research Department to come up with something positive, hopeful, optimistic.  This request found us considering Detroit once again.  The abandoned homes number into the many tens of thousands and the city’s decline from its heyday as a manufacturer of automobiles is one of the cliches of the age.  Comprehending the enormity of Detroit’s fall from prosperity seems to stymie the generation of new ideas.  It remains difficult to picture where Detroit will be in the future.

Tree farming is not the first thing that would come to mind when addressing a post-industrial landscape of abandoned homes and industries.  Take a look at the linkage below.  This very thing is up and running.  Abandoned subdivisions are levelled, cleared of brush and rows of holes for saplings are bored where there was once arson, wild dogs, crime, rubbish, abandoned cars and fear.  From what we have seen and read of this online Hantz Group’s initiative is a worthy one.  Detroit’s government can barely maintain its abandoned areas and needs healthy businesses and emloyment.  Tree farming also represents an aesthetic improvement.  Hantz’s intentions seem good, it’s hard to argue with someone looking to invest in something creative in Detroit.  The firm appears to want approval, to be understood to be doing something positive, something real.

Hantz Farms: Detroit’s Saving Grace YouTube 7:28

Detroit: Urban Farming @ Earthworks Community Garden YouTube 4:06

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