(238) Guns or butter

“Guns or butter” is the political phrase from late ninetheenth century that had resonance well into the twentieth century.  It referred to the conundrum of the powerful nation states in an era of mass industrial militarism and imperial rivalry.  Did those nations guarantee their place in the world by providing for armies or vest their pride and power in the life of the nation at large?  The assumption was that one came at the expense of the other.  You had a major warship or a university and very high levels of risk were associated with the wrong choices.  Michael Moore makes a direct connection between poverty and crime that seems to echo this proposition.  Like many in America in 2012, he is attempting to come to terms with the Newtown school massacre and what he sees as wrong with America in a general sense.  Too much negative individualism, not enough interest in the public good.  An equation that is now costing so many lives it may be evidence that mental illness can be collectively held.

Celebrating the Prince of Peace in the Land of Guns Huffington Post