(240) EU report on the costs of automobility

About £600 pounds or nearly $1000 Canadian dollars per year is the direct external cost to everyone in the EU for the car population they live with.  This is the estimated impact of the noise, pollution, accidents and other liabilities described in a new report.  Obviously automobiles confer advantages on those who use them but of equal importance is the associated cost and who bears that cost.  North Americans may be a little more familiar with the controversial assertion that motorization is enormously subsidized, at amounts greater than what is collected in parking fees, fines, road tolls, licensing, gasoline taxes and other excises directed at the car.  This 52-page report is from Technisches Universitat Dresden’s Friedrich List Faculty of Tansport and Traffic Science and appears to weigh against the general sustainability of large fleets of privately owned vehicles which must, in turn, make us think closely about building car-dependent communities.

The true costs of automobility: external costs of cars, overview of existing estimates in the EU-27 

Car pollution, noise and accidents ‘cost every EU citizen £600 a year’: researchers challenge view that drivers are overtaxed, saying they are subsidised by other taxpayers Guardian UK

image: Horch 920 by Matej Bat’ha via Wikimedia Commons