(264) Canada’s 1% …again

Statistics Canada reported some data on taxable incomes this month.  The situation in which the so-called one percent of the country has something like ten percent of the wealth and that that group has done nothing but gain income for twenty years or so while mostly everyone else flounders has become widely known.  The recent data has been picked up all over the place.  Mostly, this good fortune of the upper income folks is reported in short items that last a couple of days online, as if it was a fact that existed in a bubble, attached to nothing substantial and evoking little more than a “well, that’s life” type of response.  That can’t be right …and we need to know their side of the story as well.

You had to top $201,400 to become a Canadian one percenter straight.com

Income inequality spikes in Canadian big cities ccpa.ca

image: Gravy boat via Wikimedia Commons