(269) England’s suburbs are many things

UK academic and activist Rupa Huq has written a new book about her findings in the suburban communities of England.  She seems to have come across a whole lot of everything out there: poverty, prosperity, change, stasis, extremism, apathy, the newer and the oldish at the same time.  She talked about her subject for a video clip on the Guardian website.  Ms. Huq’s interest in what is happening in England’s suburbs was fueled in part by a desire to understand how suburban social change interacted with last year’s rioting and the 7/7 terror attacks.  Not all the comments are in agreement with Ms. Huq but we found her words of interest when thinking about conditions in North America.

“It’s suburbia, stupid.”  …this must surely be suburban-poverty.com’s quotation of the year.

Rupa Huq: ‘The next election will be won and lost in suburbia’
5:16 guardian.co.uk

image: semi-detached houses near Birmingham, geograph.co.uk via Wikimedia Commons