(272) Brooklyn by the numbers

Brooklyn BridgeA place index was added to suburban-poverty.com recently.  The idea was to encourage clicks, spread the word.  We also got some insight into the blog’s field of vision.

The most represented place on suburban-poverty.com is the Greater Toronto Area.  That makes sense – our office complex is located there.  We didn’t expect to see so much of Vancouver.  It’s a somewhat sleepy, expensive big city constantly rated highly by visitors and in global online media rankings of urban quality of life.  Haven’t they been to Surrey lately?  What’s with that Vancouver?

Chicago, Detroit, and London are probably present in reasonable proportion to their size.  Paris, is not.  We were rather struck by our minimal coverage of New York City.

With this ommission in mind we came across a detail rich map of poverty in Brooklyn, the largest of the five boroughs composing New York City.  Brooklyn contains mature urban areas as well as suburbs and housing types of nearly every kind.  Apparently you can spend $74 dollars on artisanal horseradish in Brooklyn or live below the poverty line on food stamps around the corner.

Poverty in Brooklyn: block by block analysis 

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image: Williamsburg Bridge looking toward Brooklyn by Joeinbrooklyn via Wikimedia Commons