(273) Fighting fire with money

firetruckYour fire department is too large, over-equipped and far too expensive given the actual risk of you dying in a fire any time soon.  That’s pretty much what the item linked below in Canada’s National Post says.  This will prompt automated reactions of horror from many but it’s about time we had this conversation.  Resources are scarce yet fire departments in Canada are budgetary sacred cows, especially in suburban communities that tend toward political conservatism and a general lack of imagination.  There are alternative approaches to fire and hazard such as improvements to building codes and tough inspection regimes.  This is particularly applicable in communities where most of the buildings date from after the 1970s.

Interesting, even provocative reading for a time when municipal governments must make evey penny count as they adapt to rapid change and must find money for bringing their infrastructure and services into line with twenty first century realites.

The thin red line: increasingly idle fire stations a tempting target for cash-strapped cities

image: FaceMePLS via Wikimedia Commons