(276) Vancouver in a handbag

507px-Offensive-balloon_svgThis being the Family Day holiday weekend in Ontario we decided some cheerful and appropriate content would be nice.  Having failed to locate any we must substitute something from the don’t-know-whether-to-laugh-or-cry file.  A bungalow in Kitsilano for two million bucks.  That’s like 1300 ounces of gold for a wooden box.  The house looks serviceable and liveable enough, true.  Still, we would have thought that when the value of something was gamed, jacked and misrepresented from here to planet Neptune that you had fraud on your hands.  Apparently not.  If you know somebody who thinks Canada, or at least Vancouver, is not in a housing bubble they need to see this real estate listing.  Something historical is about to happen and this house is representative of where the culture is at.  This might have been a home for working and middle class people to aspire to live in.  Now it is an instrument of investment, an alchemic and magic ATM of sorts.

Happy Family Day!
2906 W 13th Avenue, Vancouver, BC

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image: Mercury13 via Wikimedia Commons