(277) UK child poverty [Report]

407px-WWI_recruitment_poster_with_rebusHere’s two notable lines from End Child Poverty’s detailed report on the state of that phenomenon in the United Kingdom:

“Between 1998 and 2010, the number of children in poverty was reduced by 900,000.”

“…more children are living in families where nobody works.”

So the issue seems to be how to secure and build upon improvements made until the Great Recession arrived and the coalition government took over and began to implement major changes to social services.  The detail in this report, utilizing data as recent as 2011 is impressive, daunting even.  The further point is that other EU nations at similar levels of wealth and facing similar, or heavier, challenges as the UK suffer less child poverty.

Ending Child Poverty: Child Poverty Map of the UK 44-page .pdf file

image: Parliamentary Recruiting Committee via Wikimedia Commons