(292) Taking Berlin away from Berliners

Berlin flag mapAccording to a two-part feature in Der Spiegel Online International, the suburban poverty machine has been grinding away at Berlin for a couple of years now.  A real estate boom has been attracting speculators to a city with a remarkably uneven economy.  The primary result of this will be familiar to North American readers of this blog: the pushing of the poor and vulnerable to the periphery, jacked up rents and a feeling that the boom is out of control and is changing the city for the worse.  Nobody is saying that every part of a major city has to be set aside as a game preserve for the poor but neither should it be looked on simply as an object from which to wring exaggerated profits at the unfair expense of many of its inhabitants.

The transformation of Berlin: from ‘poor but sexy’ to rich and unaffordable   

image: composite via Wikimedia Commons