(305) Served fresh daily: Boston city hall on wheels!

city-hall-to-go_tcm3-34670Okay, so, you see how the physical and psychological distances in Sprawl Land make employment and human connection problematic at times and you want to do something about that.  Well, you can try what Boston is up to.  They took one of those big old, slab-sided, aluminium-bodied vans the SWAT cops didn’t want any more.  They gave it a bright, snazzy, red paint job and a Twitter account so everybody can know where it’s going to on a given day.  Inside, they set it up to be a mobile city services office.  You can get pretty much any kind of service on board in your own ‘hood.  Wedding licence, permits, referrals and info.  Kinda like a bookmobile for those civil services.  What a cool idea!  This is bound to spread.

Boston City Hall To Go Truck Follows Food Truck Trend
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image: City of Boston