(312) Rebel hell

Randian ConfederateAn arms-length sympathy is really the proper posture to have on behalf of Ayn Rand.  Her hatred of the left had its origins in her family’s traumatic experience of eastern Europe’s revolutionary and wealth-confiscating Communism.  She died in America in less than the best of health on social security in old age after her many years writing potboiler novels about noble people doing awesome things that people like most of the rest of us want to pull down because we are worthless and weak. Those latter years must have been truly bile-inducing for a declining Ayn.  We have a hunch she might not have approved fully of those behind the variety of financial, governmental, and militaristic shenanigans of the last decade or so despite the oft-professed and truly barf-making adulation the architects of many of those events offer up to the memory of Ayn.  We sense that the shallower-than-piss-in-a-frying-pan philosophy of Ms Rand is idolized by neoconservatives simply so that they may check the need for a philosophy off of their to do lists in order to return to the philosophy of having no philosophy at all except greed and rationalization.  Randism appears to correctly worry the author of this piece from Alternet this week who reports to readers of his findings in Tennessee.

The southern state fast becoming Ayn Rand’s vision of paradise: Tennessee lawmakers have elevated hatred for government and disgust for poor people to an art form

image: composite via Wikimedia Commons