(316) Dysfunction Junction

The_wreck_of_the_artillery_train_at_Enterprise,_Ontario,_June_9,_1903)A piece each from The Daily Beast and Huffington Post pretty much says it all.

No less than Mitt Romney’s chief strategist, Stuart Stevens, calls out the mass media and President Barack Obama for ignoring unemployment and poverty in favour of narrowly focussed and divisive causes like gay marriage or gun control.  This online mini-rant pulled in over 3000 comments in a couple of weeks.  Talk about mixed signals.  Mr. Stevens, do you remember the Bush era tax cuts, the reprehensible behaviour of the financial sector?

And then today a couple of New Mexico Republicans brought some static on themselves for acting like high school fools on Twitter and Facebook.  Tossing commentary at a young political activist and a Democratic official.  Nonsense like “bitch” and “Gestapo leader” and wisecracks about footwear, clothing and hotness were digitally proffered by actual public figures, in part as a response to activist interest in an increase to the state minimum wage (to a completely Communist $8.50 per hour!).

One official has been unable to avoid a suspension by apologizing.  Seems as if vehement, indignant, polemical, overly emotional, single-sided forms of political expression are not merely one possible option in America these days but are the very coin of the realm itself.

Welcome to the 1850s time travellers…

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image: 1903 train wreck, British Library/Dalhousie University via Wikimedia Commons