(319) UK female unemployment [Study]

AVROWhen the mortgage bomb blew, the banks began caving in, the governments began bailing out, the Baltic Dry Index nosedived, railway equipment, trucks and airliners were parked all over the place with nothing to carry the Great Recession seemed to hit men hard.  The post-2008 crash was in fact nicknamed a “Mancession” because unemployment in construction and manufacturing was a huge part of it all.  It’s also, apparently, the era of the descent of man.  Now, in the UK at any rate, a study indicates the bad news is catching up with women.  Such as the economy there can be said to be in a recovery, or at least skimming past a so-called triple-dip recession, the new action in job-creation is benefitting women less than it should.

Unemployment among UK women rising to 25-year high, survey finds: almost three times as many women as men have become long-term unemployed since 2010, says Fawcett Society
You can link directly to the report from this guardian.co.uk article

image: woman installing electrical equipment in an aircraft plant in the 1940s via Imperial War Museum – Wikimedia Commons