(340) Richmond Hill

Richmond HIll GO StnIn this item from the Toronto Star we come across a fairly typical NIMBY flare up.  The subject is a mixed income housing facility with services for youth on Yonge Street in the community of Richmond Hill.  There’s a need for the housing, the project is at an advanced stage of planning and resources have been allocated.  It’s pretty much “shovel ready” as they say.  “Wait a minute!” cry the residents of nearby subdivisions, some of whom enjoy very nice incomes, among the best in Canada in fact, and who prefer a certain kind of suburban atmosphere.

This is a situation of suburban change and suburban poverty, though you won’t see that last term in the article.  Those fighting for a “traditional” suburbia of big houses and winding roads and not much else near them are uptight about costs and the behaviour of the youth who might access services at the new building.  They don’t like the kind of change, essentially the arrival of urban life, represented by the facility.  The future tenants of the building fear social and physical isolation and that they are misunderstood and somewhat vulnerable.

Controversy in Richmond Hill over social housing

image: from posting by Secondarywaltz to Wikimedia Commons