(348) Retail now Canada’s largest employment sector

Honeydale_Mall_ExteriorData from Statistics Canada’s 2011 National Household Survey indicates that the largest group of working people in the country are in retail sales. That sector tends to offer low wages, little security or benefits and is frequently part time.  Unions are not really found in the retail sector, either.  This can hardly be a good development for living standards in Canada.  The decline of manufacturing in Ontario probably explains a good bit of this development, too.

This is how you feed suburban poverty.

StatsCan survey: retail jobs among most common and lowest paid   Toronto Star

Retail is Canada’s biggest employer cbc.ca video 2:18
The CBC seems intent on putting a good news spin on things in this clip.  Certainly, there are good and challenging and interesting and properly paying retail jobs.  They just aren’t the majority of retail jobs.

image: Honeydale Mall in Etobicoke, ON by Robloxian 56 via Wikimedia Commons