(350) Now he knows we know he knows

393px-Jim_Flaherty_2007Postmedia, an entity at the centre of Canada’s mainstream mass media gets big kudos from suburban-poverty.com today.  Through a freedom of information request they went after a presentation given to the country’s federal Minister of Neo-Conservative Finance just recently and got hold of a copy.  That’s what you call journalism, everybody!  The presentation ought to concern all Canadians, including the government officials we privilege with leadership roles.  The topic was middle class crisis.  The rich are doing well here and even the poorest have caught some teensy little breaks lately.  The middle class?  Not so hot, they are dying under their debt loads.  Jim Flaherty got a full-on briefing on this matter in October.

Income growth for Canadian middle-class families lags behind other groups: report  National Post

image: Joshua Sherurcij via Wikimedia Commons