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Time to grab a pop can of major outrage, shake it up good and open it fast so it sprays all over McDonald’s.  How come?  Well, look at the web content they posted recently — if the PR department hasn’t yanked its plug already — advising its many thousands of low wage employees how they can fine tune their eking out of a living.

No, this is not a joke on suburban-poverty.com’s part.  For starters, we are a remarkably humourless institution.  Secondly, this idea that working people can get by on nine or ten dollars an hour isn’t funny, except possibly in some mirthless, ironic, cosmic sense.  A US activist organization called Low Pay Is Not OK tried out the budgeting tool and found it left quite a bit to be desired.

No word on a Canadian edition of the tool.

Fast food workers rip McDonald’s budgeting website as impractical, unrealistic
Huffington Post

Get your money on track
www.practicalmoneyskills.com – McDonald’s

image: JKCarl via Wikimedia Commons