(362) Reforming minimum wage in Ontario

Strawberry_Blossom_DonutDavid Olive writes a half decent business and current affairs column for the Toronto Star.  As in his books, blog and feature articles Olive takes a sensible, non-ideological, open-handed approach to matters economic.  Take the emergence of minimum wage reform in Ontario as a public issue for example.  In today’s paper, Olive makes the case for an increase to minimum wage from two angles.  Firstly, he argues it is unethical to leave working people to struggle on lousy wages.  Struggle they do.  Secondly, and this is a neutron bomb to many a knee-jerk, neo-conservative commentator: there is a sound business case for strengthening wages.

Somebody give this man a double-double and a donut!

Searching for a growth-friendly minimum wage

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