(373) Bullying can help lead to poverty [Study]

Rebecca 1917Psychological Science presents material this month linking bullying in childhood to a host of ills in adult life, including lower incomes and financial difficulty.  This should probably align with the experience and intuition of most of us.  Both bully and victim are subject to this influence it seems.  Bullying has some resonance for pretty much every single one of us.  If we were not subject to some degree of it, then surely we saw it somewhere, heard stories or even perpetrated bullying (or all of these things!).

This commonality should help make anti-bullying efforts in schools and elsewhere even easier to agree upon.  An anti-bullying environment helps inoculate children and communities against poverty.  At least, that is suburban-poverty.com’s take away from this item which seems to have been picked up fairly widely.  The list of things contributing to poverty and social difficulty is a long, evolving and complicated one.

The full text of the report is available here:

Impact of Bullying in Childhood on Adult Health, Wealth, Crime, and Social Outcomes

image: actress Mary Pickford in Rebecca (1917) via Wikimedia Commons