(378) Chicago sees suburan poverty in 2011 census data

800px-Milwaukee_ave[1]Chicago’s bloggers and mass media have been commenting on the analysis of 2011 census data from the federal government by an area non-profit called the Heartland Alliance.  They’ve confirmed that suburban poverty is reason for concern and many Chicago area counties are part of this significant change. 

Posted to 312 the chicagomag.com staff blog is an article from this summer with a link to a mapping tool that displays the progress of Chicago’s suburban poverty from 1980 to 2010: How poverty moved to Chicago’s suburbs

Poverty increases fast in Chicago suburbs

Face of US poverty: these days, more poor live in suburbs than in cities 
Christian Science Monitor feature starts a look at the national picture of suburban poverty in Harvey, IL

Study shows minimum wage workers need to work 82 hours/week to afford rent
chicagoist.com posting with a link to study from National Low Income Housing Association

How poor we are: Chicago and the suburbs
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image: CTA bus on Milwaukee Avenue in 1981 by H. Zychowski via Wikimedia Commons