(380) Ontario’s jobless youth [Report]

Young Woman WorkingWe’ve had the weekend to absorb the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives report on youth joblessness in Ontario.  Pass the Tylenol.

On Friday the good folks at the centre forced us to consider the prospect of a lost generation.  Windsor, Oshawa, Brantford and London carry youth unemployment rates at twenty percent which places them in the same danger zone experienced by many European Union member nations in recent years.  Toronto is right behind these communities with just over eighteen percent, according to the report.  The Statistics Canada data in the document indicates that in five years youth have seen little in the way of meaningful participation in recovery and can expect to continue to live impaired lives in terms of employment.

Ontario’s youth unemployment among worst in Canada: Toronto has highest unemployment rate for 15-24-year-olds
cbc.ca – includes short video

The young and the jobless: youth unemployment in Ontario

image: young woman working by Bill Branson via Wikimedia Commons