(381) Mississauga: 2013 Vital Signs [Report]

Food Drive MississaugaHard on the heels of a report from the manager of the city’s food bank is another less-than-encouraging picture of social conditions in Mississauga.  This time from the Community Foundation of Mississauga.  Vital Signs documents like the newest one for Mississauga are produced by community foundations all over Canada.  They offer a compelling and critical look at where things are at.  …could be better Mississauga.  The fact that 1 in 4 residents struggle to cover basics like rent and groceries and transportation here is a bit of a kick in the head.

This posting’s image is something of a front line moment in the response to social difficulty in Mississauga.  It’s from one of the food drives put on by the regional police.  This particular “cram-a-cruiser” drive stocked up the food pantry at a drop in centre that assists many people in uncertain situations, living the precarious lives described in a Vital Signs report.  In just a few hours the police are able to leverage their credit in the community and secure a large quantity of staple items, one or two at a time, from willing people doing their weekly shop.  A powerful example of what can result from people working together.

Mississauga’s Vital Signs Facts