(384) Wiring up the future

EV charging station symbolPalo Alto, California will require all new homes constructed there to be pre-wired for electric vehicle chargers from now on.  The affluent, brainy suburb-city is home to Tesla Motors and has come to see the electric vehicle as something to be supported in municipal codes.  A buyer can be expected to encounter about two hundred dollars in costs to meet the requirement: not much against the price tag of a new home in Palo Alto or the Model S to go with it.  To rejig the suburbs into something sustainable requires bold and highly visible changes to technology and economics and in our ways of thinking which are in turn expressed by such unremarkable things as a civil servant typing a couple of lines into your town’s building code.

Palo Alto looks to require electric vehicle circuitry in new homes
San Jose Mercury News

image: US DOT via Wikimedia Commons