(387) Collection agency iQor Canada lighter by 500K

Hello IQor Calling!iQor is a very large American corporate collection agency that arrived in Canada a few years ago through the purchase of Equifax.  With customers galore they even came to provide collection services for the Ontario Works office here in Peel Region. Eagerly self-empowered with lots of money, a militaristic-sounding name and a brace of high tech data analysis and telecom tools and global intentions it looks like they also began overstepping things.  Most recently earning themselves a $500,000 fine from the CRTC for bothering people.  All that capital and technology and yet a deficit of  basic competence in its application.

Collection agency fined $500K over automated phone calls: industry minister says it may be time for Ottawa to look into consumer complaints

Collection agency fined $500K video
CBC News

image: via Wikimedia Commons