(391) Rob Ford

Rob Ford And so even suburban-poverty.com finds itself disturbed by the churning wake and swathes of debris from the good ship Rob Ford’s high seas distress.  He and his “nation” are not fully under the waves yet but the scrambling and thrashing has begun.

The search for explanations as to why an otherwise fairly rational and comparatively happy place like Toronto is producing this kind of political phenomenon at times rests on a belated appreciation of a suburban-urban divide.  Not to say this isn’t interesting and important and very real but we found the perspective in the Toronto Life opinion piece linked below adds something important.

A bit of good, old-fashioned class interpretation can enlighten just about anything.  We hate to have to break this to you all but some in Toronto have and some have not and power has always been about deciding who gets what.  Not to say that personality and relationships have nothing to do with this shipwreck.

Adult situations are complex and the nature of life is tragic.  Tragic decisions are made every minute of the day and we can be sorry for the outcomes of such decisions.  Rob was fronting for the rich and the super elites and it got to be too much for him.  Substances and a very contemporary moral relativism pushed him along to where he is today and brings the voters, workers, taxpayers and the poor along for the ride.  What a waste to embarrass Toronto and the rest of Canada like this.

Philip Preville: Ford Nation is not who you think it is. Crackgate revealed that the city’s crippling political divide isn’t between downtowners and suburbanites—it’s between the rich and the poor, and it’s only getting worse

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