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Ontario and Federal Tories Look For ClawbackGovernments, universities, think tanks, large corporations and political parties generate studies and position papers as a matter of course.  Sometimes they get a bit of a bounce around in the media though most remain fairly obscure.  Suburban-poverty.com read recent leakage from a federal Tory document advocating American-style labour laws with concern.

Our home province, Ontario, is heading into a provincial election and so the grinding and mashing of a worn set of gears called neoconservatism is again to be heard far and wide.  Progressive Conservative leader Hudak has aligned himself with his federal forefathers and their take on right-to-work legislation, minimum wages, worker safety, child labour all in the name of jobs.  A claw back is what you call this.  A fast ticket to the 50s people: and that’d be the eighteen fifties.

Hardly a surprise.  Hopefully nobody will fall for this nonsense.  Some splatter from Mayor Ford’s antics should help the voters make their minds up.  Mayor Ford promised a right wing agenda and certainly delivers on the innate antipathy usually contained in them.  Hudak’s interest in abusive, race-to-the-bottom American labour law grows from the same family tree that Ford’s rage and anti-social behaviour does.  For both, the words of their Great Grandma Margaret Thatcher, “there’s no such thing as society”, clearly still represent the wisdom of the ages.

‘Right-to-work’ U.S. states a model for Ontario, say Tories. The Tories are launching a jobs tour to insist Ontario can be a manufacturing powerhouse again. But critics say it’s a road map to lower wages
Toronto Star

The middle class could soon be up for sale in Ontario