(416) Looking for a place?

Karl Marx-HofAt times it feels as if renting in North America results in a form of second class citizenship.  The idealization of single-family home ownership is still alive here despite the economic weirdness and high prices of recent decades.  The result is a kind of dissonance and mediocrity when it comes to how we approach thinking about where and how we could be living.  It doesn’t have to be that way – going by this article from Governing.  Now, you may not be ready to live in an architectural fetish object like the Karl Marx-Hof, even with its salmon and beige exterior, but if it has dawned on you that you will never own a home because you are not well enough off you may like reading about the legal protections and good standards enjoyed by renters in Vienna.

Vienna Offers Affordable and Luxurious Housing. Vienna has figured out how to offer high-quality apartments with low-cost rent and renters’ rights that would be unheard of in the United States. Advocates say it’s a model worth examining.

image: Karl Marx-Hof via Wikimedia Commons