(418) Bicycle elevated expressway

The Next City
got the new year started off on bit of a lame, frowny-downy note.  They provided a brief, negatory reaction to UK starchitect Norman Foster’s support for an elevated bicycle expressway in London, England.  The structures would reach about 220km in length eventually and would utilize space directly above rail lines.  Foster may be an elite practitioner but it’s doubtful he’d associate himself with something like this before giving some consideration to costs, benefits and practical matters of useability.  He’s a cyclist and trail advocate.

The reaction at the first link below feels superficial, like the pre-1900 pooh-poohing of aeroplanes in which the person doing the pooh-poohing would tell listeners that if man were meant to fly he’d have been born with wings.  Just think of the interesting views of Londinium from up there on the SkyCycle.

Norman Foster’s Pie-in-the-Sky Cycling Plan for London Next City

Norman Foster-Designed Scheme Aims to Transform London into “Cycling Utopia” ArchDaily provided a less reactionary description of the proposal

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image: Foster + Partner