(461) Challenging Ford & his ilk

Mussolini PosterWith corrupt bullies and idiots like Chris Christie and Rob Ford in high office North Americans better get busy understanding these damaging critters.  As bad as this new generation of neoconservative/neoliberal players are they don’t seem to be much restrained, let alone going away any time soon, thanks to the political resistance of a liberal class or left wing.  No, Chris Christie can be as awful as he wants until he undoes himself.  As he may indeed have by going so far as to physically corral the people he is supposed to serve in order to make a political point; as was the case with the episode of artificial traffic congestion on the bridge to Fort Lee, New Jersey.  Rob Ford, though stripped of many duties, is still at large politically and positioning himself for a long run to the next election quite convinced his supporters will be there for him.  After years of awful behaviour we can only hope that some political force will emerge to sink these men.  Waiting around for them to blow themselves up is not really good enough.

Chris Christie’s New Jersey is everything that’s wrong with America
James Howard Kunstler in Politico Magazine

Editorial: Building the Left to challenge Rob Ford
Canadian Dimension

image: Benito Mussolini via Wikimedia Commons