(473) Ford Nation’s backyard employment numbers

Rexdale Scary employment data for “mayor” Rob Ford’s home turf appeared as a pinkish, downward plunging line today. Ford Nation’s twin namesakes hail politically from suburban Rexdale, up in the northwestern corner of the GTA, which has had something of an employment meltdown since Rob first seized councillorship there in 2000.  Doug Ford became councillor for Rexdale upon Rob’s ascension to the mayoralty.

Among Rob Ford’s various claims is that the city is booming, going from post-gravy train strength to strength under his leadership.  A leadership embodying an efficiency-minded and sensible skill set and a loyal family-approved team honed away from tax-and-spend liberals in the real world of private business.  Yet even lower-paying retail and service jobs have declined in Rexdale – indicating a reality on the ground that doesn’t match Ford’s grandiose, craptastic world view.  How sad it must be, for a duo that never stop banging on about their business smarts, who fetishize efficiency and management skills like all good neoconservatives, to have such a lacklustre economic picture outside their front doors.

This is what has happened to the Rexdale job market during the Rob and Doug Ford era The Grid

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