(478) Renter Girl

Renter GirlIf suburban-poverty.com could get a long distance romantic crush going on another blog it’d probably be for Renter Girl at Blogger.  Perils and precarity mark out the renting life in a global financial uber-capital and it takes a brave bloggess to survive it all.  In big, bad London it doesn’t matter how far out you move you don’t get a break.  Fresh stresses await the working people of London, too, as prices soar, global investors flock in, wages lag, and governments ignore or aggravate the whole mess by turns.  Renter Girl’s author is one Penny Anderson who also writes about housing issues, renting, working and getting by for the Guardian.  Keep up the good blogging Renter Girl.


For more visual, North American rental horror porn in Tumblr form there is www.worstroom.com
…mainly New York City but we saw Ottawa, Toronto and dozens of other places represented in this hall of landlord shame.