(548) Toronto’s USA-style shit show

Above EtobicokeShoes and laces is slang for guns and ammunition.  A little thing to learn drawn from life in Toronto’s suburban crime world.  This Toronto Star piece embodies one of the reasons reading and writing and later the mass media were invented: so that we could see into other worlds.  A disturbing picture of life for many in Toronto is based largely on police wire tap material from a major investigation which appears to have passed rather close to disgraced mayor Rob Ford.

Gangsters, goris and 10 cups of coffee: life among the Dixon City Bloods.
Project Traveller wiretaps offer rare glimpse into a world of alleged gun-running, drug dealing and bloody gang rivalries

This piece from The Globe & Mail last summer looks at the same part of Etobicoke.  Guns, gangs, and drugs are not the beginning and the end of the story for everyone there, but…

The neighbourhood at the centre of the Ford controversy: guns, gangs and second chances

image: all appears well in Etobicoke from above by BriYYZ via Wikimedia Commons