(720) GTA school closures

3109012794_ed170a6fb4_zA school closure list is probably not designed to make anyone happy.  Declining enrollment is hitting schools all over greater Toronto and buildings are physically aging, too.  Closures are inevitable, it would seem, and concern is being raised that low income students are taking the hit disproportionately.  Do we see a resemblance between the closure map and a map of the GTA’s priority neighbourhoods?

Mapping which neighbourhoods could be most affected by TDSB school closures. A look at potential school closures across Toronto reveals that it could affect communities with the greatest need torontoist.com

Majority of schools on TDSB hit list in poorer neighbourhoods. Majority of elementary schools targeted for closure due to falling enrolment are in city’s poorer neighbourhoods, according to a report to be released Monday by the Elementary Teachers of Toronto thestar.com

image: Thomas Hawk via Flickr