(89) In England, commuting can be a real riot

It strikes us as unexpected, ironic to have come across an article in the media in which ‘commute’ and ‘riot’ are in the same sentence.  We also recently came across a seriously intriguing animated map referring to recent riots in England.  The map plots home address and location of charges laid against rioters.  It’s quite something to see just how far indviduals travel to participate in rioting.  London tended be a convoluted mass of locations and journeys reflecting its existence as a massive agglomeration of suburbs and centres packed close together.  In secondary cities the edge-to-centre pattern of journeys to riot are very distinct.  We don’t think it’s a stretch to say that the use of a motor vehicle is indicated by many of these movements.  Incredible really to think of people going out of their way, quite literally, to get in on destructive, anti-social behaviour in the centre of the communities they live in or near.  The obvious metaphor is a biological one: spermatozoa journeying to ovum.  What to make of one young man who paid a hundred pounds to alter the return date on his airplane ticket, preferring, apparently, to riot than vacation.
England “riot commute” mapped Guardian