(96) Germany

European academic journal Articulo published a piece in 2010 analysing the general discourse around suburbia in Germany and the US.  The objectivity of the piece may annoy readers with strong feelings about the suburbs, good or bad.  The author finds suburbia neither heaven-on-Earth nor hell manifest.  He calls for, and provides, more detailed understanding of life beyond the urban centres.  Looking at American experience and the sheer scale of suburbia there the comparison to Germany may seem less than useful but we found the piece brainy and articulate.  Going forward, it is hard to imagine that suburban outbuilding will continue in Europe even if it makes use of public transit and sustainable sources of energy.  In North America the suburban project seems to be over, to be contracting if anything.  To have modelled any part of their built environment on North America is probably a worrisome thing to Europeans, doubly so now that the Euro crisis is fully arrived.

Suburbs: the next slum? Explorations into the contested terrain of social construction and political discourse