I grew up (partly) in a Canadian version of what US journalist Joel Garreau called an “edge city” in his 1990 book of the same name.  Edge city is a term for the massive, post 1970s super sprawl that came after the first two generations of suburbs.  Now, it wasn’t all bad but, well, if you found your way to this blog I probably needn’t explain life on the new frontier had its downsides.  Coming across Garreau’s book and then The Geography of Nowhere by James Howard Kunstler were important personal moments when it came to getting my head around my environment, or trying to anyway.  Many years later and I’m putting together a career reset into the social services (I hope) and I find myself compelled to add poverty to the list of concerns out there on the perimeter.  Who would have thought such a hyped expression of choice and advantage would take a turn in this direction so quickly …but the evidence is in folks.  Welcome to the blog. and please comment or get in touch.

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